The Top Ten Student Projects You Didn’t Know You Were Looking For

March 1, 2024

Maybe you’ve been thinking about working with university students, but just can’t pinpoint what to collaborate on. Or perhaps you’d like the extra support but aren’t sure what students can do. Well, in the ever-changing world of business, mixing academic curiosity with real-world applications can cook up some seriously cool innovations, so we’ve put together a list of ten project ideas that are perfect for business – student collaborations. It’s not just about unlocking hidden potential; it’s about that fresh, innovative vibe these students bring to the table. Let’s dive in!

1. Events that Make an Impact:

a. Sales Events: Enlist university students to organize or manage exclusive sales events, tapping into their creativity to design engaging promotions and customer experiences.
b. Training Workshops: Collaborate with students to help design or review your training programmes, allowing them to share their insights and skills while gaining real-world experience.

2. Reviewing your Digital Presence:

a. Accessibility Audits: Partner with computer science students to ensuring your digital platforms are designed for accessibility and inclusivity.
b. Sustainability Assessments: Engage students passionate about sustainability to evaluate and suggest eco-friendly measures for your digital practices.

3. Preserving Memories with Oral Histories:

a. Staff Stories: Find students studying history or communications to collect the unique stories and experiences of your team members for posterity, recruitment, and future celebrations.
b. Customer Archives: Collaborate with students working with archives to create a captivating collection of customer experiences.

4. Exploring your Philosophical Foundations:

a. Defining Purpose: Work with philosophy students to delve into the core mission of your business, shaping a purpose that resonates with both employees and customers.
b. Determining ‘Good’ Work: Students studying ethics can help you explore, challenge and articulate the ethical considerations around your business or industry.

5. The Art of Performance:

a. Create a Jingle: Collaborate with music or marketing students to compose a memorable jingle that enhances your brand recognition.
b. Embrace TikTok: Involve students with social media expertise to create engaging TikTok content, develop a content plan or help your team on how to use it effectively!
c. Revive the Industrial Musical: Vintage is all the rage! Why no partner with performing arts and history students to revive the tradition of industrial musicals, bringing back a unique form of corporate entertainment.

6. Strategic Market Research:

a. Explore New Markets: Enlist business or economics students to conduct market research, identifying untapped markets and potential growth opportunities.
b. Innovate with New Products: Collaborate with product design or engineering students to brainstorm, research or develop innovative products aligned with market trends.

7. Communicate Effectively:

a. Internal Communications: Partner with communication studies students to assess or enhance internal communication strategies.
b. Tailor Language to Your Audience: Work with English or marketing students to help tailor your messaging for specific target audiences.
c. To ChatGPT or Not to ChatGPT: Collaborate with technology or computer science students to explore the integration of AI like ChatGPT for enhanced communication channels.

8. Augmented Reality Adventures:

a. Immersive Customer Experiences: Find new ways to incorporate augmented reality into your products or services.
b. Interactive Marketing Campaigns: Collaborate with business, digital and technology students to develop AR-based marketing campaigns.
c. Training Simulations: Engage students in education or training fields to investigate AR-enhanced simulations for training opportunities.

9. Data-driven Decision Making:

a. Analytics Dashboard: Collaborate with students studying data science or business analytics to develop comprehensive dashboards for more effective communications.
b. Predictive Analytics: Involve students with an interest in predictive analytics to anticipate market trends, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.

10. Employee Wellness Initiatives:

a. Wellness Programmes: Partner with health sciences or psychology students to design, implement or evaluate wellness programs that prioritise employee well-being.
b. Flexible Work Arrangements: Collaborate with students in human resources or organizational behaviour to explore flexible work arrangements that work for staff and business.

OK, technically that was 23 project ideas! The list doesn’t even stop there. Hopefully these have inspired some of your own ideas relevant to your business right now. But these projects are not just about diving into the smarts and creativity academia has to offer; they’re also a golden ticket for students to get their hands dirty in the real world.

So, ready to spice things up? Jump in to boost innovation vibes, play a part in moulding future leaders, and watch the awesomeness that happens when academia and business join forces. Get your own projects up and running right here: