Publish your project opportunities onto the platform for students across the country to search and apply for.

~ How it works ~

Create a project brief: With the support of a ProjectMatch consultant, we will formulate the research question you’re looking to investigate, map out your needs and interests, and the type of results or recommendations you’re looking for, to help you create a student project.

Post on our platform: Upload your brief to the ProjectMatch platform through your business account, via our easy-to-use form.

Let students come to you: Students registered with ProjectMatch can find your brief through subject searches, your business profile or from our project email lists, and contact you directly through our pitch form.

~ Why use ProjectMatch? ~

Gain insights

  • Get help on gaining new insights and information about your workforce, clients and environment.
  • Be able to investigate those ‘non-priority’ projects you don’t normally have time or capacity for.
  • Move from idea to results far more quickly. If you’re looking for inspiration on the kinds of projects we mean, take a look at our Examples Booklet on our Resources page.

Get support

  • Get help in defining the question, challenge or project and in developing a suitable brief for matching with a student.
  • Utilise our bank of examples to help assess your business needs and to take look at your businesses current state of play.
  • Save time calling around your local universities and navigating different communication streams and processes.


~ What next ~

Take a look at the Membership and Non-Membership packages available to businesses, and get in touch to arrange a free call to discuss your needs and project ideas and to find out more on how we can help!

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