We’re Partnering with WeParticipated!

February 27, 2023

This is the start of an exciting year for ProjectMatch. 

Our community of friends and partners is growing and we’re looking forward to revealing new plans and schemes through the Spring and Summer of 2023. Our first partnership announcement is a truly special one for us. 

WeParticipated’s mission is to transform how people conduct and engage with research.  It does this through the WeParticipated mobile app, which lets researchers recruit and manage participants for studies and enables people from all walks of life to get involved and take part in research.  But the app isn’t simply transactional, it’s creating a new relationship between the public and academic worlds and provides a social platform for all people interested in research to learn and share knowledge and experiences.  

ProjectMatch has partnered with WeParticipated as a like-minded organisation with a desire to support research in the real world.  We believe the WeParticipated app is a fantastic way for the MSc students we work with to reach a wider pool of potential participants for their studies and to engage with other researchers and non-researchers that are interested in the same topics they are.  Working with their Founder, Prince Kouassi, we have been able to incorporate this fantastic tool into the ProjectMatch University Membership packages, giving enrolled students the best chance of finding the participants they need and in a timely, easy way.

WeParticipated for Impact

Although the added ease and efficiency of the app in recruiting participants would be enough to make most researchers extremely happy, WeParticipated has created an engaging community and forum for researchers and the public to discuss a host of topics, the background to research and to interact in a meaningful way.  For the academic world, this delivers a superb tool for creating and measuring the impact and public engagement of university research.

Research (particularly in psychology) has moved on dramatically since the early days of two-way mirrors and electric shocks presided over by nameless, lab-coated authorities.  It’s grown into an indispensable part of all our lives and the researchers have equally grown into experimenting WITH participants, not experimenting ON them.  The goal has moved away from chalking up journal articles, to creating change for real people.  This is a goal shared by WeParticipated.

“Researchers are trying to celebrate the lived experiences of those they are studying, we want to help with that by removing barriers to communication and shrinking the gap between the public and academics”.

Prince Kouassi, Director & Founder, WeParticipated

If you’re interested in learning more about WeParticipated, why not dive straight in by signing up to the app and start looking out for studies you might like to take part it. While you’re there, join in the conversations and read the articles spurring debate and become a part of the growing community.

For University leaders interested in making use of both the ProjectMatch and WeParticipated tools to help students flourish, let’s talk!

Get in touch with Leanne at ProjectMatch on [email protected].

Find out more about WeParticipated at www.weparticipated.co.uk, or email Prince on [email protected].